Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 6- Work Shops

After waking up at 8:00 this morning, we all gathered our dirty laundry and took a walk to the laundromat on the Working Boys Center's campus. Luckly our laundry is done for free because most of us are running low on cash. Once our laundry was taken care of, we split into groups and headed off to the workshops. Some of us went off to the auto mechanic shop. At the shop a very funny and wise mechanic showed us around. He explained how they teach the kids in three years. First, they learn how to use the tools and then they start working on small parts of the car. And lastly they work on engines. They also turned a few engines into electrical engines, which is not easy. Another group went to the bakery, where they were given a tour of the machines that make the pastries and bread. The second part of the tour consisted of making our own baked goods. The baker and his students allowed us to experiment in making the dough into different shapes. Once the patries were done baking, we got to eat them and see how we did. These different shops gave us the oppurtunity to appreciate the magnitude of the Center's effect on others lives. The seven teenage guys working in the auto mechanic shop were given the chance to succeed in something they enjoyed. Also the young girls in the bakery were being offered the skills needed to become an experienced baker. Todays work was short but its significance has not been overlooked.

By: Kyle Robinson and Kevin Cevasco


JB said...

Guys the blog is amazing. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. You are doing everything a Grad at Grad should do and be....take care of Messrs Kilroy and Heffernan.

Gemma Wright said...
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Prep Campus Ministry said...

Marauders-- so enjoy following you,
day to day. Seeing you on the
mountainside was so surreal... it
also brought tears to my eyes,
because I can remember one of you
as a baby (you know who you are)
and the other as a skinny little
kid with the big smile not so long
ago. No doubt that the people
in your travels are doing more for
you than you can ever do for them.
How painfully ironic, considering
their physical existence. What a
blessing that you were chosen for
this life altering journey. It will
most certainly change your own, personal life's journey, indeed. So proud of you all. In my daily prayers and my Sunday intentions.
Love, Mrs. Wright/'Aunt' Gemma