Tuesday, June 2, 2009

¡Alla vamos! (Here we come!)

In just three days, 10 students and two Prep employees will spend two weeks living in solidarity alongside other volunteers at the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador.

The Working Boys Center (www.workingboyscenter.org) is a mission created by Fr. John Halligan, S.J., that provides education, healthcare, and other assistance to low income families.

The Prep contingent, which will be at the WBC from June 5 - 19, is comprised of:

Mr. Ryan Heffernan, Director of Campus Ministry
Mr. John Kilroy, Religion Teacher
Kevin Cevasco, '10
Kevin Cunningham, '11
Alex Diaz, '10
James Kuklinski, '10
Peter LiVolsi, '11
Matt Mullman, '09
Edwin Ortiz, '10
Kyle Robinson, '10
James Shovlin, '10
Tom Tulp, '10

The group will be updating this blog daily while abroad, so check back for photos and reflections from our work in Quito.


latinaone said...

Amazing Marauders on their way to Quito, Ecuador. These remarkable young men lead by two great role models can expect nothing but an amazing journey filled with hard work, interesting experiences and spiritual growth at the same time of having fun. I wished I could join them on this trip, since I can't, I wish them well, and will pray for their safe return home. May God be with you all the time. I will certainly followed their trip on this site.
Have a great time guys!
Ms. Suarez

nyug said...

Enjoy the time there. May the landscape, environment, and spirit of the people move you closer to Cura Personalis.

One Love,
Mr. Smith

Barb said...

GodSpeed. Hope you all have a wonderful experience.
Have a great time!!!

patrick said...

Lord, give them safe travel, luggage that arrives on time and intact, good health and a wonderful experience!

Maura Toomb said...

I stumbled across this (thank you, facebook) and just want to wish you all safe travels! I hope you have a wonderful experience; I will be keeping you in my prayers. May your trip be filled with love, laughter, and the Spirit.