Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Students Donate Video Game Systems to Hoboken Medical Center

Students from Saint Peter’s Prep in Jersey City collected and donated more than 12 video game systems for the Pediatric Wing at Hoboken Medical Center. The donations, which were delivered late last month, also included more than 100 video games.

The video game drive was started by Prep junior Keith Cummings, who was hospitalized in the medical center’s Pediatric Wing earlier in the year. “They didn’t have any video games to play and the board games were missing pieces,” said Cummings. “When I got out, I decided I would give some of my old video games and systems to the hospital so the kids would have something to play with.”

With help from the members of Prep’s chapter of Pax Christi – a service and social justice club – Cummings was able to collect everything from Playstation 2 systems to the popular Madden football games. “We put flyers throughout the school and got a great response,” said senior Christian Baranok, who serves as president of Pax Christi.

“It was great to see Keith recognize and respond to the need at the hospital,” said senior Jay Kowalcyzk, who is also part of Pax Christi. “The generosity of the students at Prep was tremendous and it was great to be able to help out.”

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