Monday, November 24, 2008

Novices visit Prep for Jesuit Vocations Day

Travis Stoops, n.S.J., speaks to freshmen in the Madonna Chapel.

Two Jesuit novices from Saint Andrew's Hall, the novitiate for the New York, New England and Maryland Provinces, were on hand on November 14 as Prep held its annual Jesuit Vocations Day. The day began with a prayer service for vocations in the Mulry Hall lobby.

Throughout the day, Travis Stoops, n.S.J. and Vinny Marchionni, n.S.J. met with freshman religion classes in the Madonna Chapel. The two talked about their faith, about the process of Jesuit formation, and shared stories that helped the freshmen see parts of their journeys in their own lives.

As part of the larger Jesuit community, Prep recognizes the need for men who feel called to serve the mission of the Society and the Church. Vocations Day is an opportunity to introduce the possibilty of becoming a Jesuit priest or brother to the young men of the Prep community.

"Many times, students don't realize the opportunities the Jesuits offer," said Mr. Ryan Heffernan, Director of Campus Ministry. "Around the world there are ordained Jesuits working as doctors, lawyers, and artists. The Jesuits make it possible to follow both your heart and your dreams."

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